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Stage 1: Lichtenberg Castle near Thallichtenberg - Rathsweiler

The first stage of the Veldenz Hiking Trail starts at Lichtenberg Castle and runs with many fantastic views over 17.4km to Rathsweiler in the Glan Valley. It is not only in the Wartekopf nature reserve that hikers experience natural silence and can be completely at one with themselves.


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Places of interest

Lichtenberg Castle (Pfalz)

Lichtenberg Castle is one of the largest castle ruins in Germany. The castle complex dates from the early 13th century and belonged to the estate of the Counts of Veldenz. Since a major fire in 1799, the castle has been in ruins, but no less impressive. It has been a listed building since 1895. In the 20th century, life returned with the youth hostel, the tithe barn with the Musikantenland Museum and, most recently, the Geoscope.A tour of the castle ruins is possible all year round.

Lichtenberg Castle


Presentation and documentation of the unique tradition of Palatine travelling musicianship


Prehistoric Museum „Geoskop“

The aim of the museum is to introduce visitors to the geological and recent history of the Palatinate Mountains. Therefore, GEOSKOP not only contains fossils up to 290 million years old, but also presents the development of mining in this region. The wheel of time is turned back 290 million years and takes us to the Rotliegende, an epoch in the Permian era. The Urpfalz lies far to the south, close to the equatorial line in a tropically warm and humid climate. Sharks up to three metres long and large crocodile-like amphibians swim in the freshwater lakes. The shores are lined with tall horsetail trees and huge fern foliage and later coniferous trees cover large parts of the landscape.



Wartekopf nature reserve

Habitat, partial habitat and refuge of rare and endangered wild animal species and site-typical, partly rare and endangered wild plant species and plant communities.

Wartekopf nature reserve