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Hiking with a wide view

Verbandsgemeinde Kusel-Altenglan

An insider tip for all those who want to spend their holiday actively or who are looking for peace and relaxation.

In a still largely untouched landscape in one of the most beautiful areas of the Palatinate, a well-developed network of hiking trails awaits you. With the Veldenz and Remigius hiking trails, the Prussian Trail, part of the Way of St. James and many other hiking trails. Furthermore, guided hikes of various types and guided bike tours are offered on a regular basis.



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Veldenzwanderweg Panorama überlagert mit stilisierter Streckenführung

Veldenz Hiking Trail

The Veldenz Hiking Trail is a certified hiking trail, distinguished as a Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe, with a length of around 60 km. It starts at Lichtenberg Castle, high above the small village of Thallichtenberg, and ends in the Veldenz…

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Remigius Wanderweg

Der Remigius Wanderweg trägt seinen Namen in Anlehnung an den Heiligen Remigius, Bischof von Reims, nach dem die Remigiuskirche, Teil einer Klosteranlage der ehemaligen Benediktiner-Probstei St. Remigii Remigiusberg benannt wurde.

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Alongside idyllic forests and meadows and extensive hillside ranges, you will reach the Preußensteig, which, following the former Prussian-Bavarian border, offers many fantastic views and interesting insights into the turbulent history of the region.…