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Marktplatz 1
66869 Kusel
Phone: +49 6381 60 80 123 oder 127

Touristinformation Pfälzer Bergland
„Hin und Weg“

Bahnhofstraße 67
66869 Kusel
Phone: +49 6381 42 42 70


Public Transport

Starting point and destination can be reached by train and bus

By train to Kusel, Saarpfalz bus no. 297 (Burgenbus) to Thallichtenberg, Burg Lichtenberg. Stage destinations Erdesbach, St. Julian can be reached by bus on the Regiolinie between Kusel and Lauterecken.

By train to Lauterecken; the stage destination Reckweilerhof can also be reached by train.



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