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Stage 5: Ausbacherhof - Lauterecken

A true jewel on the last stage of the Veldenz Hiking Trail is the moated castle in Reipoltskirchen, the flooded moat and the geometric plantings offer a beautiful picture. The Prädikatswanderweg leads along a sculpture trail and further over the heights to the stage destination, the Veldenz town of Lauterecken. The lovingly renovated town castle and many historic houses are worth a tour of the little town at the end of the hike.


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Ausbacherhof 1
67753 Reipoltskirchen
Tel: 06304/8431




Reipoltskirchen moated castle

Reipoltskirchen has the best-preserved "moated castle" in the Palatinate. Built in the last third of the 13th century, the castle complex on the artificial hill surrounded by a circular wall does not look like a ruin, but like an inhabited castle due to the residential buildings along the circular wall. A seventeen-metre-high keep guards it, a wide moat in which the water of the Odenbach is dammed protects the romantic idyll.
The lookout tower is freely accessible all year round.


Sculpture trail

Discover the "art in the green" along the sculpture trail, which has been developed into a real circular route.

Sculpture Trail


Veldenz Castle

Veldenz Castle, which grew out of a medieval moated castle, was built in the early 16th century under Count Palatine Ruprecht as the residence of the Counts of Palatinate-Veldenz. In the 18th century, it was largely rebuilt as an Electoral Palatinate chief bailiwick. The original fortified tower (Veldenzturm) houses the registry office and a portrait gallery of the counts.


Milchgasse 1
67742 Lauterecken
Tel: 049 6382 8541