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Stage 2: Rathsweiler - St. Julian

Nature is also in the foreground on the second stage of the Veldenz Hiking Trail: the paths lead alpine-like into the Mittagsfels nature reserve, where the rare pasque flower blooms in spring. The stage ends in St. Julian im Glantal, where a visit to the historic oil mill should be planned.


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Places of interest

Mittagsfels Nature Reserve

Andesite rock slopes with their dry grasslands, thermophilic fringes, shrubs and forests as sites of rare plant species and habitats of rare animal species.

Mittagsfels Nature Reserve


Historic oil mill

Another highlight of this tour promises a visit to the historic St. Julian oil mill, a true gem of craft history - appointment by arrangement.


Mühlstraße 6
66887 Sankt Julian
Tel: +49 171 263907

Creative pottery by Doris

Christophelsmühle 1
66887 Rathsweiler
Tel: 06387/615