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Marktplatz 1
66869 Kusel
Phone: +49 6381 60 80 123 oder 127

Touristinformation Pfälzer Bergland
„Hin und Weg“

Bahnhofstraße 67
66869 Kusel
Phone: +49 6381 42 42 70


How to get there

To Lichtenberg Castle:

Take the A62 motorway to the Konken / Kusel exit, then further in the direction of Kusel and take the B 420 to Kusel / Diedelkopf; here turn left onto the L 176 via Ruthweiler to Thallichtenberg.
In Thallichtenberg follow the signs to Lichtenberg Castle (via the Burgstrasse)

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Public Transport

This tour is easily reached by train and bus.

By train, every hour from Kaiserslautern to Kusel. Here you have the possibility to walk along the Fritz-Wunderlich-Weg (signposting from the train station) and enter Diedelkopf to start the Preußensteig trail. Alternatively, the "Burgenbus" bus (bus 297) runs between Kusel and Lichtenberg Castle, which is also well-suited to return to the railway station after finishing the walk at Lichtenberg Castle.





Parking lots near Burg Lichtenberg (also mobile home parking), 66871 Thallichtenberg, Burgstraße 12



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